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...how to give your boy the skills and confidence to resist peer pressure and unhealthy influences?

...the most effective way to stand up for himself without resorting to violence or losing his sweet nature?

...how to give your boy the gift of rock-solid confidence and self-belief?

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3 myths crushing boys (and how to bust them)

After watching our Masterclass you will have more certainty and confidence as a parent. You'll leave with practical and proven strategies to:

  • Build your boy's emotional intelligence
  • Develop internal motivation (so you don't have to nag!)
  • Teach him a life-changing (or even a life-saving) social skill

Includes free workbook with proven and practical strategies. 

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7 Essential Pillars Framework

If we are to raise confident, empathetic young men who can navigate life's challenges with courage and grace, they need the right foundation.

Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves will show you how to build the 7 Essential Pillars every boy needs to grow up liking himself.

The first one is Power Perspective. This is all about helping boys have a positive and resilient mindset, so they see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and approach life with confidence and optimism.

Then there's Strength of Character. This pillar is all about helping boys develop values like integrity, responsibility, and empathy. By doing this, they can build a strong sense of self and make good choices that benefit themselves and others.

Body Confidence is the pillar that helps boys have a healthy relationship with their bodies by appreciating their physical abilities and not just focusing on how they look. This can help them feel good about themselves beyond just their appearance.

Balance is also really important. It's all about helping boys manage their time, emotions, and energy effectively, so they can thrive.

Mastery and Independence is the fifth pillar which will build real and enduring confidence and self-belief. It's about helping boys learn essential life skills, become self-reliant and self-motivated and have the confidence to navigate the world and achieve their goals.

The sixth pillar is Strong Relationships. This is all about helping boys build positive relationships with family, friends, and peers, through meaningful connections and effective communication skills.

Finally, there's Authenticity. This pillar helps boys embrace their true selves, express their feelings, and pursue their passions without fear of judgment, while also respecting and valuing the uniqueness of themselves and others.

By focusing on these seven pillars, you can raise an emotionally intelligent, self-aware boy who is ready to succeed in today's complex world. It's all grounded in research and expert advice and can be implemented in any busy, messy or complex family.

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"The parent feedback was so positive as Kasey provided research informed and practical strategies and insights to raise our girls and boys to like themselves."

Daniel Sandral, Head of Junior School, MLC SCHOOL

"As both a psychologist and a parent, I found Kasey and Chris' approach practical and relevant to the struggles and concerns we see every day in our students.

The feedback from our parent group was overwhelming positive."

Dr Aisling Malone, Director of Counselling Services, Ruyton Girls School

But don't just take our word for it...


Sophie, mother of 2 boys

"This book, quite simply, is brilliant."

Meg, boy mum

"Everyone with a boy seriously needs to read this book, and then read it again. It's just so helpful, practical, and well-researched. You'll need your own copy as you will refer back to it again and again."

What are "Worth Wreckers" and why should you care?

A "worth wrecker" is a damaging force that undermines young boys' sense of worth and confidence as they grow up. 

  1. Discipline that hurts rather than helps

  2. Bullying

  3. Pushing rather than motivating

  4. Peer pressure

  5. Body image issues

  6. Unhealthy competition

  7. Overemphasis on external validation

Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves will show you exactly what you need to do to arm your boy against these worth wreckers so he is free to develop a strong sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence.

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Hello and welcome

We're Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon, a wife-and-husband research and writing team who have been read by over 10 million people worldwide.

We wrote Bringing Up Boys Who Like Themselves because, well, people kept asking for it. 

As soon as our book Raising Girls Who Like Themselves was published, we got the same question over and over: 

What about boys?

All these people are right to ask this question because absolutely everything that you hope and dream for your boy starts with raising him to like himself. 


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