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Does your boy have enough friends?

friendship skills Oct 03, 2023

If you’re worried that your boy doesn’t have enough friends, the good news is that boys don’t need lots of friends to thrive. It’s quality over quantity!

But it’s also important to encourage your boy to look for friendship in the people around him. Of course, he should stay away from the people who are not good for him, but if your boy has an open mind and an open approach to friendship he will be more likely to find it.

If you'd like help developing your boy's friendship skills you might like our course 5 Secrets for Standing Up for Himself: without using his fists or losing his sweet nature.



Does your boy have enough friends? We often kind of think when we're talking about friendships and relationships that we think boys need lots and lots of friends. And that's not the case. It’s about quality not the quantity. If you support him in developing his social skills in how to make friends and how to, be a good friend. He will find friendship at school. If he has an open mind and an open approach to friendship, friendship can be found in lots of people. You don't have to find your perfect person in order to have a friend. There might be someone who, you know, is good to work with in class, that might be a different person who's good to hang out with at lunchtime sometimes. So it's about upskilling your boy's friendship skills, to support him to find friendship in the people around him.

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