What about girls?

Why "fitting in" is a friendship wrecker

friendship skills Oct 31, 2023

Friendship is a relationship between two people who are being themselves.

If your boy is changing himself to try to "fit in" then real friendship is impossible.

The more our kids try to "fit in" the harder it will be for them to make real friends. 

Real friendship is about finding people who like us just the way we are, and we like them just the way they are. 

We all deserve to have good friends. Download our free Good Friend Checklist to help your boy understand how to choose good friends and how to be a good friend.


A good friend is where you belong rather than fit in. So if you actually have a friend, you have to be prepared to be yourself. Fitting in is not friendship. Fitting in is changing yourself So that other people will like you, and that is not true and authentic friendship. So it's important that kids understand that.

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