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A little game to build your boy’s Power Perspective

power perspective Jun 23, 2023

Teach your boy the power of perception with a simple game. Help him realise that he can choose to focus on what he has rather than what he doesn't have.

Two people can have opposite responses to the same situation depending on their perspective. 


An easy way to understand how important focus is, is with a game that we used to play as kids. Let's do it together now. I want you to grab a small object, a pencil, a teaspoon, your car keys. If you don't have anything close by, just use your pointer finger. Hold the object or your finger in front of your face, and then I want you to really focus on it. Focus hard enough and that's all you see. Then soften your gaze and shift perspective to look past the object to the world around it. If you do this for long enough, the space beyond the object comes into focus, and you'll barely even notice the object anymore. The same object that was there just a moment ago, was the only thing you could see. This little game is a practical lesson in the power of perception. It teaches that you see what you focus on, and what you focus on, you see. It's your choice. Two people can be faced with exactly the same situation and yet have totally opposite responses to it depending on what they choose to focus on, depending on their perspective. We teach our girls that they have the power to choose their experience based on what they focus on. They can focus on all that's positive in their life and feel good. Or they can focus on the negatives and feel bad. There are some things in life that really are awful and will make anyone miserable. But a lot of the time it is a choice. We tell our girls that they have the power to change their thoughts. Change their perspective and choose to feel good about themselves and their life. To wrap that up into one sentence, that you can tell your daughter often, it is this. Focus on what you have rather than on what you don't have. A perspective may not feel like a choice. But we always have a choice on how we choose to look at something. And it's our job as parents to help our girls realise this and practice making good choices.

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